luni, 2 februarie 2015

Evolve Gameplay

This is the official additional combat game as match-3 puzzle involving players in over 100 missions located in the universe of Evolve.

  EVOLVE: Hunters Quest is now available for smartphones and tablets

2K, Turtle Rock Studios and Cat Daddy Games have announced that Evolve: Hunters Quest, the official extra set for 4 from 1 shooter shoots adrenaline levels of players, Evolve, is now available for free download on iOS devices, Windows , Android and Amazon Fire selected.

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Evolve: Hunters Quest is a combat game as match-3 puzzle involving players in over 100 missions located in the universe of Evolve. Players will join a team of hunters on the planet Shear looking for unique wild monsters. The missions players will connect three tiles of the same color, displaying devastating attacks on your enemies, completing energy bars to activate special abilities of the players and domain accumulate points to level up their hunters.

For fans who buy Evolve for PC or console, Evolve: Hunters Quest also connects to the main game to offer an expanded experience that can be enjoyed to take apart. Players can use the points obtained in Evolve Domain: Hunters Quest Evolve your characters on any platform. Players can also discover and unlock unique arts game and improve their skills in the console watching replays of their games multiplayer online from a strategic standpoint.


Hunters Quest was developed by Cat Daddy Games, a 2K studio, and is available for descargagratuita in iOS, Windows, Android and Amazon Fire selected devices.
After the great alpha, beta EVOLVE closed earlier this week on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with access to eight of his hunters -Markov, Maggie, Val, Hank, Hyde, Griffin, Lazarus and Bucket- three of the -Goliath monsters, Kraken and Wraith and dynamic campaign, Evacuation, with great feedback and reviews from the gaming community. One of the recurring comments revolved around the third monster, the Wraith spectrum available in your traducida- version, which most players considered too powerful, even to disconnect from the game to see the monster hunting was this. Well, after this beta phase and comments received, Turtle Rock is working on reset it. Yesterday, in an interview with Chloe Skew Madrid during his European tour, producer EVOLVE passed us what those changes will be.

First, the Wraith can no longer teleport while using invisibility that provides Decoy -Señuelo-. "If you use it while Decoy is active, invisibility is canceled and you will become visible. This means that when launching a copy with Decoy, you can not go very far and will not lose sight of him, so help hunters to catch ". Besides the cooldown of Decoy skill has increased by 30%, so can not throw as often, many players were engaged espamearla-. "This will have players controlling Wraith are now much more selective about when to throw the bait and be more likely to be reserved for moments of escape". The damage caused by their brutal melee, Supernova, which increases strength and speed of blades has also been reduced by 10%. "Domestically and it seemed a too strong attack and beta confirmed our suspicions. Supernova has become the main attack of the Wraith players, and we also use other skills and strategies."

Finally, not all bad news for controlling the spectrum. Besides these nerfeos have also been applied buffs or improvements in other aspects, commenting Skew "the goal is to balance it, not cause an injustice to the monster". Speaking of Warp Blast now increases its area by 10%, which will make it easier to connect with hunters once cornered, and secondly, its last ability, Abduction, which allows "kidnap" one of the hunters grabbing and pulling a far distance away from the group, now increases its range by 15%. "It's a very effective skill, but we realized that it was difficult to use because it required quite aiming to catch the hunter. With this increase will be less strict make it work".